Juliana Ramus Cosmetic Tattooing

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Juliana Ramus

Licensed Cosmetic Tattooer

With a formal education in art history and a lifelong interest in beauty, the professional world of real estate finance just wasn't cutting it...

Growing up with parents in the arts, Juliana frequently accompanied her father to tattoo shops from an early age. Tattooing was never part of a "counter culture" in her mind, but simply another way for artists to work. Her fondness of the practice along with her natural predilection for detail led her organically to the art of cosmetic tattooing.

While working full time in the corporate world, Juliana enrolled at one of the country's top schools for permanent makeup and began building her business from the ground up.

Today, Juliana specializes in eyebrow microblading and is fully licensed in the cities of Atlanta and Los Angeles.